Eternal life, reincarnation and other minor matters...

Recently I have had one of those rather ideological (aka philosophical or religious) debates on the subject matter. It's amazing what consequences the current Egyptomania has, but that's an aside. You should know that I am quite the agnostic, and I tend to defend my stance rather valiantly. Yet, I don't take pride in disturbing other people's solace they draw from adhering to "the other view", especially on the matter of what's happening after one's death. After all, if I did, I would have to negate the better part of human culture, and would I want to do that?

But that's a rather long and overly egocentric explanation of how I came to rediscover the essays of William Hazlitt, 19th century Englishman who held views I can rather well relate to. Here is one on the subject. Thanks to Blupete for making some of them available online!

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