Language, Sprache, Langue ...

Some of you may be wondering why this blog is in English, given that I am a native German (sort of) speaker. Well, there's a couple of reasons, in order of relevance (least first, somewhat circular):
1. my website's language is English,
2. there's more people out there reading English (I know, I'd have to use �志, 你好!)
But thirdly, and most strangely, I feel much more comfortable writing in English. I really don't know why that is, but writing in German always has a certain gravitas to it (maybe that's because it's not my real native tongue either - that'd be Swiss German which is only a spoken language). And it's not that I cannot do polysyllabic English texts either, as some of my fellow Scottish students may witness, having to proof read some of it ... language is a curious representation of the inner workings of the mind.

Never mind.

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