Travelling plans

I've finally finalised my travelling plans for the week after next!

I'll be flying into NY JFK on Wednesday May 5, staying here for a meeting on Thursday evening and flying out to Denver on Friday 7th for a series of AIMR meetings over the weekend. I am going to check out Denver on the Monday and fly to Chicago on Tuesday, staying here. The stop in Chicago is strictly for tourist purposes. I've never been there before, so if you have any suggestions on what to see and do, please come to the fore. From there, I am heading back east on the Thursday. So that looks like quite a bit of a plan!

Did you know that the upgrade seats from Business to First available on the Swiss route ORD-ZRH are quite a scarce commodity? There's a meagre 3 (three!) seats available for the whole of the months of May and June, and one of those is mine now!

If you're wondering why I am staying at such funny places, then that's because those places are reciprocal Clubs to the Royal Overseas League of which I am a member, and they are usually nice enough places at reasonable prices.

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