Hippocrates was right!

Have you been complimented on your sweet breath lately? Well, it may be time to go see the doctor then, since this may be indicative of a galloping diabetes!

According to this German article in NZZ, small US firm Menssana has developed a technology to screen the ca. 3000 volatile compounds which may be contained in your breath for indications of health problems like breast cancer, angina pectoris or a tumor of the lungs. Impressive! And I like the firm's name (is it presumptuous to have one with a latin name?) - it certainly takes a healthy mind to come up with something like that to further the healthy body!

On a less seriously scientific note, the second of my almae matres, i.e. Edinburgh University in its Edit Magazine lets it be known that the phenomenon well known to Guinness drinkers of sinking bubbles is not the product of the drinker's imagination gone haywire under the influence of the sombre brew, but rather well proven scientifc fact! Who would ever have doubted that it's Good for You?! Hooray and Slanshe to that!

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