Home, sweet home

You're right - I am back in cool Switzerland (that's not comparing to Britannia - it's meant meteorologically!) and fully in the grips of the jetlag. Everything went relatively smoothly with the trip, with the exception that I had to make do with an aisle seat, which I HATE! But the plane was really quite full.

Did I mention that I gave Bill Gates some money? In Chicago I bought the upgrade to Office 2004. Unfortunately I always want to be up to date with software, so that's where Bill's safe comes into play. After all, the poor guy will have to deliver a load to Brussels. Too bad! I also got a Belkin radio transmitter so that I can use the iPod in the car without much trouble. Seems to work fine from what I see.

But now, do not expect more verbiage from me - I am going to turn in early because tomorrow, I volunteered to proctor a CFA practice exam in Zurich, starting at 0830h!! Am I mad or what!

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