Meta Review

More reviews of reviews and of authors talking about themselves and others. This time in English again, since you can see in my last post what happens when I write German. And it's just too tedious to write ae instead of ä all the time!

Remember what I said about Dan Brown's bestseller The Da Vinci Code? No? Shame, my words are supposed to be gospel! You can read it again here, though. Well, for once I am glad to say that I am not the only one who is mildly dissatisfied. To witness, check no less illustrous source than The Economist.

Also, it would appear that it is too long since I have last read some Mario Vargas Llosa - here is a brillant interview from the Weltwoche - watch out, it's in German. Apparently, he's not quite the agnostic I am: "Es wäre doch absurd, wenn so komplexe, reichhaltige, widersprüchliche Phänomene wie das Leben, die Geschichte oder die Evolution keinerlei Sinn hätten und nichts als Werke des Zufalls wären. Sofern es eine Form der Transzendenz gibt, ist sie jedoch sicher ganz anders, als es uns die grossen Religionen schildern. Denn diese Schilderungen sind schlechte Literatur." That's a bit cheeky, isnt't it?

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