Minority Report

Do you know Minority Report? I just watched it, and it's a really quite smart SciFi movie - despite of Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg & Hollywood! ;-) But the fact that issues such as free will as opposed to destiny and an anti-totalitarian, viscerally sceptical message predominate over some fine action, smart product placement and cool gizmos probably prevented it from becoming a real runner. So I guess we won't see too much of that where this came from ... pity!

Today, I remembered an article which I read in the plane to New York. It's about how the Feldenkrais method teaches to re-learn movements and hence reconfigures the neurological map of your body. I have to get my dad to try that - maybe it's a helpful therapy against his Parkinson's disease. Let's hope!

NO! DON'T go there!!

Well, I warned you, didn't I?! Here is a worthy successor. Thanks to Expatter for showing the world what it had been sorely missing without even knowing!!

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