New stuff!

I say! The new blogger is really great - new templates and a built in commenting feature. Now I am perfectly happy with this.

My day in Chicago went very well. In the morning, I almost got a sunburn on a river tour, and in the afternoon, I very nearly drowned during a thunderstorm. So that's the climatic diversity you get exposed to when in the Windy City!

But it's fun! Did you ever have this kind of view when having a cocktail? This was on the 96th floor of the Hancock Observatory.

And shouldn't we all be members of this particular society? It appears however that they limit their activity to cats and dogs - literally! When you peer through their windows, you see a collection of cages for those - probably stray - species which subsequently are to be placed with new keepers. Very nice.

Finally, a little view of La Salle Street, Chicago's Wall Street after closing ...

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