The Sun never sets over Schoenenbuch

Ok, that may be wishful thinking on my part. But I completely forgot to mention something important! I have a mobile phone subscription with Sunrise which up until a week ago was virtually useless in Schoenenbuch because there was as good as no reception. I took Sunrise because they have the best offering, in my view, and you need mobile phones when you are just that - mobile! When I was at home, I just forwarded calls to voicemail.

But not any more! Thanks to the expansion of the network, the reception is great now, so you can actually call me anytime AND expect me to pick it up! Apparently, we are not quite as paranoid about mobile phone antennas as other areas. I'll never understand how people can use phones all the time, and yet complain when they get an antenna in their vicinity, that's just pure hypocrisy and double standards if ever there were such things!

So, thank you, Sunrise!

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