The weirdest dream ...

... and other jetlag induced experiences.

Yesterday I was doing quite well jetlag-wise. Or so I thought.

Until I woke up this morning, all bleary-eyed and knackered. And I had the weirdest dream. Granted, I usually do not remember my dreams, so I don't have much to compare it to in terms of weirdness, but it was all the same. It started when I realised that I had a strange deformity in my right foot, and - forgive me if I'll spare you the gory medical details - all of a sudden, out popped an old, battered ... golf ball! And that's it. How weird is that!? Care to analyse, anyone?

The second. substantially less metaphysical revelation occured later on in the swimming pool. I discovered why I could never to more than a lap of freestyle without being totally exhausted afterwards. It's quite trivial, really: I was always totally tense and used far too much strength, especially in the legwork, whereas it is sufficient to only paddle a bit. Subsequently, I was able to do double the laps on half the strain. I am quite pleased with myself, I must admit.

It seems I should fly more often.

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