Blood Work

Yesterday, I saw said movie which got me thinking - not that it was great or anything, quite on the contrary. It's just one small part of the plot which did that: The apparently unrelated murder of two people turned out to be connected by their sharing the same rare blood type (AB?) and their being organ donors. Guess who discovered the link? Exactly, the cop who survived because he received the heart of a victim. And the coincidences didn't stop there, but that's another matter.

Now this is a rather disturbing variation on the already gruelling organ trade theme, isn't it? Disturbing in so far as donors were expressly targeted for their valuable property which they were voluntarily disposed to done after their natural demise - not. I guess it is a good thing after all that Swisstransplant and the likes (which I support wholeheartedly, in a manner of speaking) do not keep a list of donors ...

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