The demise of the current administration

This is the bit of news that encourages me to go public with my expectation that the Bush administration will not survive this year's election - they simply lack the winner's effortless superiority, and they know it.

The usual caveats apply, namely that this is a trend forecast, assuming that the current trend that has been set in motion by an underlying, strongly negative dynamism will not be broken by a bold initiative of the administration (very unlikely, since it would have to be bold) or a serious blunder on the opponent's part. Other low key, but important tidbits reinforcing that trend are: dwindling support by the media (f.i. NYT), the story about Hussein's pistol, Tenet etc.

Finally, here is an interesting and comfortingly contrarian piece opposing the very topical hijacking of Operation Overlord by current politicians and monument builders.


Drunken Proletariat said...

Never underestimate the effectivness of American propaganda. Bush is plummeting in the polls but Kerry's rating is not rising. Bush is spending many millions of dollars in attack ads against Kerry. More than 50% of Americans believe that WMD's have been found in Iraq. Most Americans believe Saddam H. had something to do with 9-11! They are deliberately kept living in an atmosphere of constant threat and fear of attack. Under such conditions it could be all too easy for Mr. Bush to win the next election, even by a slim margin- bad news for the world.

Chris said...

Don't worry - I am perfectly well aware of the "Machine's" effectiveness. That is why I am looking for more subcutaneous issues and stories which are much harder for the Machine to deal with.

I consider myself to be a pretty good proxy of political currents btw - incidentally I have been a strong supporter of the administration well into the Iraq war.