The Economist

Today is the bloggiest day ever, it seems! But I discovered that my blog comes in really handy for me, too - it's much easier to search it for stuff than in a written journal!

Here's the most interesting material from the latest edition of the Economist. There is a very knowledgeable analysis of the current strategic weight and vulnerability that Saudi oil production capacity has. About the only thing reassuring is the fact that the Economist's track record on oil has been less than stellar in the recent past ... let's hope it stays that way!

This here is the current status of the valuation of foreign exchange rates to the USD as measured by the Big Mac purchasing power parity. What's very astonishing, and what will be guiding me in my personal investment, is the fact that the Swiss Franc is the most overvalued currency by far of all countries (well, at least of the relevant ones)! I guess this might be the time to buy some PLN denominated bonds.

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