Home, sweet home

Ok, I am back home again, and everything went smoothly. The customs people at the airport were eyeing my huge, very new looking bags rather suspiciously, and reminded me quite clearly that I cannot bring in things worth more than CHF 300 without paying tax, but eventually they let me go without making me pay. I really must have a confidence inspiring aura or something.

The taxi driver of course was waiting for me, and, after doing his duty very graceously, got a bit of a tip (too little unfortunately, because I had not enough money on me - next time).


Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to say that my German has deteriorated to the extent that I was forced to use the translator....imagine my suprise to hear that you are now a 'freshly baked big uncle'. Sounds like something out of a Swiss fariy tale from my childhood. The moral of the tale being that uncles need to be put in the oven if they wish to grow big.....grilling simply will not do for cooking purposes.

Swiss-Djibouti friendship committee

Chris said...

Never mind about using the translator - I very often do that myself when I need a good laugh! And as to the practical aspects of grilling uncles: they do tend to go very black on the outside before they're even half done inside... ;-)