Mental Health revisited

Since we are well into June by now, you won't argue with me that the mental health month of May is well and truly part of the past, so it's time to move on.

Essentially, I am a friendly person, so I want my invectives to be as precisely to the point as possible. The list of the main types of personality disorders in the current issue of Esquire may prove to be quite helpful with this regard:
  • paranoid: high levels of suspicion, others are out to get you; major problems with intimacy and lasting relationships

  • schizoid: loners who shy away from close relationships and who rarely display any emotions

  • schizotypal: Eccentric, socially anxious types with little interest in clothing and a penchant for magic and the supernatural

  • histrionic: emotionally shallow, but overly emotional and dramatic people who rely on flirtation to draw attention to themselves

  • narcissistic: highly self-important and admiration craving people with a tendency to exploit others and an unrealistic sense of their talents, which will tend to cause anger if disillusioned

  • avoidant: people fearful of criticism and rejection, shying away from situations that might cause just that

  • dependent: strong fear of being alone or of displeasing people, which leads to submissive behaviour and fairly stable relationships (!)

  • obsessive-compulsive: highly preoccupied with perfection, setting inflexible personal rules, keeping order and maintaining control

  • Seen yourself in more than one of those categories? That's good - so have I!

    Anyway, remember that these are medical terms, to be used only in consultation with a pharmacist or physician.


    Anonymous said...

    so where do you find yourself in these categories? i of course can't see me in any.

    Chris said...

    Of course not: after all, you're anonymous, which is tantamount to the proverbial "Man without Qualities", hence you couldn't suffer from any disorders in those qualities either.

    But that aside, it might be easier to list some traits I do not recognise myself in: paranoid, schizotypal, histrionic and avoidant. There! But thanks for asking!

    I am not a psychologist (thank God!), but I would venture to guess that mental health requries - dare I say it? - a healthy equilibrium between those disorders which are often mutually exclusive.