This is likely to be the final post for today, seeing that the pool is waiting for me. But there are some interesting items to note.

In the current edition of The Economist, there is an extensive summary of the Copenhagen Consensus which I have talked about earlier. Important stuff, like I said - it's only about solutions to the world's problems.

The second story of note in the same journal reports a rather disturbing analysis of the statistical accuracy (or rather: lack thereof) of scientific work in journals no less renown than Nature and the British Medical Journal. Hopefully it's only a question of time until such work is done for the humanities (under which heading I surmise everything from economics to sociology), and I am sure that the picture there will be even less pretty!

And finally, here is an amusing column in Latin from the Swiss weekly Weltwoche, which I am growing more fond of with every issue. The less than mainstream choice of language may be explained by the fact that its nominal addressee is the Holy Father, who has been visiting Switzerland very recently. And the text even makes sense! Fear ye not, a translation (into German) is provided.

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