Sidebar additions

Have a look to your left - there have been quite a few noteable modifications to the sidebar, triggered by Todd Dominey's publication of additional template titles to Scribe - here they are. Todd has even implemented some of my suggestions - I am feeling honoured, thank you, Todd! On the occasion, I noticed that Todd maintains his own very nice blog, WhatdoIknow - a great deal about graphics & design, obviously! But do check out the Anti-Bush game!

I've also formalised the links section to other people's blogs, and there is one very important addition there: The Batcave, my nephew Tomi's first steps into online publishing. He intends to publish his own stories and music there. Have fun, Tomi!

In the Resources section, you will find the most entertaining additions of all: you can have the whole site translated from tolerable English into something strangely reminiscent of German, and vice versa. Enjoy!

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