This is a numbers orientated post!

First of all, I'd like to thank my loyal readers - it appears that there are quite o few of them out there! The daily average of visits stands at 42 for the current month, and the graph looks like this:

Even though I question the reliability of this statistic frequently (three times this month alone, to be precise), my trustworthy ISP (yep, that's you, Thomas) assures me that it is as reliable as they get. So, thanks!

Somewhat sadder is the fact that over 40% of last month's incoming search traffic has been looking for this particular post. I gather that they must have been quite disappointed by the absence of any graphic material, and I assure you that I will not tailor the content to suit search terms.

Finally, the earthquake. It has been confirmed to have been of a magnitude of 4.0, hence well above my estimate. But its epicenter was in Frick, so it was further away than the last one. I observe that the interval between the shocks is shortening, and their amplitudes are increasing. I am not an expert, not even a layman for that matter, and I do not want to be alarmist, but I don't like this one bit!


Byron said...

Forget California--Switzerland is where the shake is at!

Chris said...

Look who's talking! Mr. I-move-to-rock-solid-WIsconsin! ;-) Well, at least Switzerland gets to be rocking for once ...

Chris said...

I do apologise and withdraw what I said about Wisconsin:
Wisconsin rocks even more!