Why do Swiss cows wear bells?

So you can tell them from the natives! At least, that's what Oscar Wilde said, according to this nice piece about the raving logjam in Swiss politics.

I fully share the view that the currently more aggressive tone in Swiss politics is not effectively an indication of some real debates taking place, but it is rather a series of rhetoric skirmishes inside the political milieu, the bigger part of which (my party included) unfortunately has still not recognised that "Konkordanz" (German for some inexplicably Swiss system of government with a permanent grand coalition) is dead! All the recent invocations of Konkordanz are nothing but a confirmation of that fact and hence a waste of time and energy.

For Mr. Heusser is absolutely right: "Die entscheidende Konfliktlinie der Gegenwart verläuft zwischen den Anhängern einer liberaldemokratischen, wettbewerbsfähigen Gesellschaft und ihren Feinden, den Nationalisten und Protektionisten aller Lager. Ob diese Feinde ihre antiliberale Botschaft mit linken oder rechten Argumentarien behängen, spielt keine Rolle." (The relevant conflict of today is between the supporters of a liberal-democratic, competitive society and its enemies, the nationalists and protectionists of all camps - it does not matter whether the anti-liberal message comes with left- or right-wing arguments. - Now, that sounds awfully familiar, right? The name is Sir Charles Popper, The Open Society & its Enemies, 1942).

The worn out pattern of political behaviour needs to be replaced by a system of governance which enables us to conduct a controversy which ought to be concluded within a reasonable time span and which invariably will create losers! If you are not familiar with Swiss politics, then let me tell you: this is novelty!!

Maybe it will be an indication that we are approaching serious debate when (if) there will be a scene of blogs discussing Swiss politics - currently I am not aware of any! Once again, the US seems to be lightyears ahead, according to this. But then, I will be writing in German, I promise!

If you want to know more about my political inclinations (perish the thought!), check this, to be found in the Web Unique section of my website.

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Sisyphos said...

Dear Captain, you are absolutely right.