Intelligent Life

There's a new lifestyle magazine out which totally defies the category. It's called Intelligent Life, and it originates from The Economist Group. Very strange things about it: It's got loads of text, no glossy fashion pictures (but one), no website, no subscription advertisments, unclear periodicity (the issue bears "Summer 2004"), and it is actually very interesting & stimulating! I bought it during my recent trip to London, I haven't seen it around here, yet.

It is subdivided in sections on Opinion, Travel, Leisure, Health, Sport, Motoring, Technology, Luxury, Work, Wealth, Blue yonder and Trendlines and each section has a summary Action Box with exceptionally to the point and novel weblinks. For lack of a link to the magazine, here are some of the Action Box links:

If Earth is not enough
For those who want to know everything about their airplane seats
Want to check whether your song has what it takes for the Charts?
The site for Poddies such as myself
Bartenders' Guide
The end of the battery as we know it
Specialist store on scales, in casu to identify forged diamonds

The trendlines section is a bit over the top in terms of illegible 3D graphs, and the Wealth section is a little bit trivial, but that's me, I suppose. Everywhere else, I found surprising information gems. Let's hope that the experimental look of the publication doesn't mean that there will not be a second issue!

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