Nikola Tesla ...

seems to be a seriously eminent person in the eyes of Jim Jarmusch, at least according to the recurring homage paid to him in Jarmusch's latest film Coffee and Cigarettes which I am just coming back home from seeing. A really funny, weird, entertaining, enchanting, and embarrassing collection of short vignettes around the common theme of drinking coffee or, where an Englishman is involved, tea and smoking cigarettes (incidentally, said Englishman smokes french cigarettes - how odd!). Interesting sound track as well, from Iggy Pop & Tom Waits (both appear in person, albeit not in the jukebox) to Henry Purcell & Gustav Mahler (both dead, and definitely not in the jukebox either).

On another note: I forgot how nice it is to ride the bicycle home on a mild summer night with Eric Satie's Gymnopédies on the iPod. I'll do that more often again!

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