Some pictures

A couple of pictures have accumulated in the camera lately. Here's a reproduction of a very "German" picture of Graf von Stauffenberg, who was the leader of the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944. The picture however has been taken in 1924 of a very youthful Stauffenberg on the occasion of a visit to his revered poet Stefan George.

Here is a very nice vignette from NZZ Folio called Eskimofrau beim Giessen ihrer Eisblumen. Unfortunately the play on words is literally lost in translation since Eisblumen is translated literally ice flowers, but means frost patterns. So the title becomes Inuit woman watering her frost patterns/ice flowers.

Finally, here's what I did from 0600h am this morning: I shipped about 7 metric tonnes of wheat to further processing. Actually, it is quite fun to do that kind of thing every now and then for your parents, but it mustn't get too frequent ...

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schöner Bührer ;-)