Yesterday ...

... is not quite so far away, thus I'd like to give you a quick update on what happened.

Since the summer seems to feel like having a second spring (that's a nicely warped metaphor, innit?), I was able to go swimming al fresco again, for a change. That was good, but still somewhat chilly. Later on, Master Tiziano paid us a visit (accompanied by his RUs, of course). He hasn't changed much from the picture, although his baby overall is already a bit close lengthwise. Shame on his parents for not giving him proper attire! ;-) Anyway, I held him for the first time, and fortunately, the young man chose to behave most appropriately, i.e. no screaming, crying or other untimely bodily functions. I was rather flattered by that, especially since it represented a pause in that sort of activity from earlier and later holders. Maybe it has to do with a little trick I played on him - I'll have to verify that next time.

Even later, we went to see Spiderman II. I am happy to report that in stark contrast to Troy, this Hollywood production fully lived up to expectations. It is a very genuine rendition of the cartoon which I devoured quite a while ago. It is amazing how lively the one dimensional very bad and bad characters come across, and how very humane the super-loser heroe appears. And there is a lot of rather subtle humour of the not-at-all-in-the-face kind, as well. This contemporary stuff mixes well with the adult's childhood nostalgia, so go see it! Fortunately, the groundworks for the next sequel is laid as well.

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