BIG mistake!

As an attentive reader of the earth shattering publication that is this blog, you will know that I spent the last 24 hours in London (where it was raining, for a change!). And that may turn out to have been a big mistake. Oh no, not the purpose of my visit there - the meeting and the private evening tour through Buck House (sorry, no photography permitted) were quite enjoyable, and so was the fact that I didn't have access to a computer for almost two days without suffering from withdrawal syndrome!

No, I am talking about deferred side effects. I bought this, this and this! All in all a solid 24 (hey, how fitting!) DVDs full of pure viewing pleasure! Btw, the House of Cards DVDs are quite cheekily blank (ok, there is something on the DVDs I hope, but there's nothing printed on any of them). I also got a couple of other, less noteworthy things which will certainly take up much less of my time ...

On top of all that, this has finally arrived, too! I'll post a review as soon as it is up and running.

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