Happy = poor memory

No, that's not a really cynical statement - much rather, it is the ultimate excuse for people with bad memory: An Australian study to be published shortly has discovered that people who are in a good mood have a worse recollection of things than their peers who are in a foul one. Isn't that great? If you generally have a bad memory (such as myself), then you may assume that you are a happy person, whereas if you're more on the depressed side, you may console yourself with your good memory. On second thought though, that might not be so good after all, since you will be bound to remember all the bad things that happened to you in the past ... but anyway, Susanne, I have herewith fulfilled my promise! ;-)

Tonight the weather was fine, so it was a good idea eventually to shift the BBQ after all! Oh, and it looks like the reason for the flash's reluctance to fire was indeed empty batteries - I still have a couple of days to get to know the darn thing inside out!

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wanndann said...

I was so happy on friday evening, that I forgot to check your Log...Thanks for all!

Ich werde dünner, und dünner....