Singing in the rain

What the heck is he talking about, it wasn't raining today, was it.

Just coming home from a very entertaining CD christening of the Lisette Spinnler Quartett. She is a really powerful young Jazz singer experimenting with a variety of styles, most notably African inspired ethno pop. She also plans on going to Burkina Faso for four months to study their music in vivo, and she does well to do so, if I may comment, for her voice does have a distintly European timbre which to my ears fits quite squarely with African vocal music... should be interesting to hear her in a couple of months' time!

OK, that explains the singing to some extent, but what about the rain? Well, it has been raining yesterday night, and usually I really enjoy falling asleep to the sound of rain falling on the walnut tree right next to my open bedroom window, but yesterday night, I was basically falling into a bottomless pit, i.e. I just couldn't go to sleep well into the wee hours of the morning, so I am actually really knackered right now! And I am sure that will help to explain my warped logic ... GOOD NIGHT!

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