Sleep profiling

Well, which is yours? (Solution provided in the linked story!)

It would appear from this story that the way you sleep will give the observer clues to your personality. Fortunately, sleeping usually is not a public activity ... but for the record: I am switching between the latter three.

This is the sort of thing that you can learn from the sophisticated literature available in the dentist's waiting room. I am glad to say that I've had my last treatment today, and I wasn't even treated to a Kavolux branded lamp.

Oh yes, and here is another ingenious item! Since Robocops are still science fiction (& for some time, I should hope!), let's have a robocleaner! Price inquiry has been sent ...

P.S. Walking through town, I came across this excellent collection of mostly pre-war recordings of legendary violinist Fritz Kreisler. Check out the sidebar for a sample of his wizardry!

P.P.S. The price inquiry for the robocleaner has resulted in them sending me some promotional material, without a price indication. A 'phone call resulted in a ludicrously expensive (still) CHF 1990 - and that's supposed to be promotional!

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