Alps meet Pacific Ocean

Well, this may be just a little bit far fetched, but isn't overdoing part of the spice in life? Anyway, right now I am sitting in the Commons Room of Asilomar in front of a cozy fireplace, listening to someone playing BeethovenMozart on the piano and a group of other people playing a board game. This is one of the most amazing places I've ever been to - and I am still under the influence of a dramatic sunset over the Ocean and a ride along its shores in a convertible. Just great!

The people here are extremely friendly and approachable - someone at the restaurant we've been to started to talk to me just like that and suggested a whole bunch of places to go to over Dinner. I cannot really imagine that happening in reserved Switzerland ... finally, to complete the picture: my sunglasses, which I deemed lost only yesterday, have been waiting for me at the lost&found place of the cinema.

As for more pictures: just a little patience, they'll be coming! I am certainly looking forward to tomorrow.


Byron said...

Ah, so you are enjoying my homeland?

Chris said...

You better believe it! ;-)