Back online

Who'd have thought it ... I am staying at a place here in Monterey which doesn't have decent internet access, so I am a bit at loss to keep blogging. However, thanks to open networks, I am back, doing a very American thing, namely sitting at the Alvarado Street Starbucks in Monterey, checking on email & blogs on an unprotected network. T-Mobile won't like it ...

Anyway, I am having a great time here. Yesterday, we did the Pacific Highway ("Big Sur") down to - yes - San Luis Obispo! Despite of the somewhat overcast weather, it was a great drive, and SLO is also a charming place. It looks like there's festivals all over the place - in SLO as well as here in Monterey. Would you believe that the Monterey Jazz Festival is on just now? We'll be attending tonight, listening to EST. The other festival is a bit more visible on the streets: The Monterey Classic Car festival. Walking the streets, you feel transported back into the 40ies with the occasional interspersed boom machine ... great fun to watch!

Alright, that's it for the moment. I know, no pictures, still ... good things come to those who wait! Conceited? It better be, it's my blog.

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