Go South!

Since we cannot go West any further without walking on water, we'll start going down South for real today, planning on arriving in Santa Barbara some time. It'll be Big Sur again, this time in splendid sunshine!

Yesterday was a fine day as well. The 17-Mile Drive holds an incredible amount of raw natural beauty - and serious money, as it would appear from the real estate on (extraordinarily discreet) display. Here's a fine example of Pebble Beach:

Later on, the Jazz Festival was entertaining as well! EST are really great, or as someone behind me would have it really loudly: "Real Music, yeah!!" Unfortunately they didn't play the signature tune from their new album, but they were very energetic, and the audience loved it.

Keeping in touch via VOIP telephone from Starbucks is fun, too, even though some people on the other end seem to have trouble parsing the somewhat patchy audio quality. Ostensibly, it's not a matter of age, though ...

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