Santa Barbara calling

Would you believe it - again?! The place we checked in after a really long drive from Monterey to Santa Barbara doesn't have wireless internet, either! It's got a pool alright, but who needs a pool if you've got the beach within easy walking distance, hu? Well, there is a very nice and comfy alternative nonetheless: I am currently sitting outside in the court lounge of the neighbouring Inn, perusing their wireless connection (with permission) during a mild and agreeable SB night. From first impressions, Santa Barbara seems to be a rather vibrant place, even for Monday nights - very mediterranean & stylish. But we'll see tomorrow ...

Meanwhile, it was great fun to watch this excerpt from Swiss TV News about the President of the Swiss People's Party's (SVP) personal problems with personal abuse of Cannabis. For you non-Swiss out there: They are firmly opposed to personal use, but apparently, Cannabis plants have been found in the Party President's garden, planted by a member of his own family. Maybe that will get him thinking? If you are Swiss however, please support this popular motion! And thanks as always to Judge Jonathan for making us aware of this gem on the other side of the globe!

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Judge Jonathan said...

You're most welcome - for the SVP post, and back to Switzerland.