Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow

Here is a movie that the Captain has to review if only for nominal reasons. I've actually seen it in SB, and it is pretty good.

The most astounding thing about it is its peculiar aesthetics. It is really a comic strip come alive and worth seeing for that alone. The story line is not a lot to write home about, but being a pre-WWII science fiction adventure story, it is enough to justify good entertainment. In combination, it amounts to an interesting mixture of Batman, Dick Tracy, Star Wars, Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, Fritz Lang's Metropolis and probably sundry other classics I didn't recognise.

I'll probably go watch it again when it comes to the theatres here. Strangely, I haven't found any indication as to when that might be.

The other movie I watched in the US was a bit of a disappointment despite of Denzel Washington's participation: The Manchurian Candidate is just a wild concoction of conspiracy theories, political current events and remote control killers. Not really worth paying to see ...

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