Looking back to NeXTSTEP

Here is a nice, nostalgic flashback "preview" of NeXTSTEP v4 from the days when the rest of the world was still harrassed by Windows 3something (I think) while we happy few users of NeXTSTEP were spoilt with a state of the art operating system which was an easily recognisable precursor to Apple's current OS X (NeXT has been bought by Apple). Most of the core concepts were in place back then already, and I fondly remember having my black magnesium pizza box up in Edinburgh ... see what a silly computer screenshot can do to you?!?


Anonymous said...

Comment from Tom Ladner:
"unfortunately" the link doesen't work...
and that's the reason why:

Wow! The interest for this video was far beyond our expectations.

We had to move the movie to another server to decrease the load on our
connection so to download the movie, please check these servers:


If you are mirroring the movie, please contact us through the forum or by
email: root (a) z80 dot org

Thank you for your interest and be sure to stop by the forum to discuss more
NeXT: http://next.z80.org


Joacim and Marcus

Chris said...

Yeah, well, nostalgia is contagious! But those links will help, I guess ...