Marathon man

Just returning from a marathon.

Don't worry, I haven't turned jock just yet. Rather, I've been to a performance of J.S. Bach's 6 Suites per violoncello solo senza basso, played formidably (and no less persistently) by Pieter Wispelwey. It's a solid two and a half hours of Cello solo music. Initially I was afraid that it might be boring after a while, but none of it! Although I know the pieces quite well from hearing them interpreted by Casals, Demenga and Yo Yo Ma, the evening was entirely entertaining and fun. Wispelwey has a very different approach to the Suites and he let me hear them in quite a new way - about as revealing as hearing Bach played by Glenn Gould for the first time. My preferred Suite is still the 5th, though, and once I have them ripped from the CD, I'll post a bit to the sidebar.

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