Office 2004 Service Pack 1

Enough already! I'm giving up! I throw in the towel!

Microsoft has done it again. They just produce garbage, even for the Mac, despite of all the praise that gets heaped on their Mac Business Unit. At least the Service Pack 1 (11.1.0) for Office 2004 which I am trying to install ever since it was issued just won't work - after a night of "Gathering Information", I am aborting this attempt once and for all. Not only does the installer not stop gathering information, it even eats almost all system resources so the system's response time goes to virtually indefinite. I am a bit disconcerted however that noone else reports such difficulties - anyone?

How appropriate that I can combine this rant with the day's Bushism: "We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbor just like you like to be liked yourself."

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