Just back from watching The Incredibles with T. This is really incredibly good entertainment - you don't want to miss it! I am still having trouble wiping the big smile off of my face that the movie has put there, but that may have something to do with riding the bicycle home through a freezing night ...

Anyways, it's like a cartoon James Bond, but with super heroes and a not so super villain. Great soundtrack, very Bond like. The characters are just perfectly drawn, and no, I am not talking about technical issues. If you've enjoyed Ice Age, you will like this one even better. Go see it!

And don't miss the neat programme picture with the bouncing lamb, although you might initially think you're in the wrong theater (it's Disney after all). Thank you, Pixar!

Also, I am kinda looking forward to this film: The Ring Thing. Spot on! It is a persiflage on the Trinity of The Lord of the Rings - and it's coming from Switzerland. That's not much of a recommendation for comedy, I know, but we'll see. Stay tuned.

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