Myers-Briggs, recounted

Now that's interesting: I knew I was a rare bird, but that rare? According to this site, my personality type (INTP) is the absolutely rarest with just 1% of the population. Cheers to that!


Joel said...

Well Chris, I'm not surprised, we always thought you were one of a kind.

Seems I'm an INTJ, a 'Mastermind Rational', which makes me the same as Col-ween Powell and Dan Akroyd. What a trio of superheroes we'd make, eh?

Chris said...

Why, thank you - I guess! Especially since any double entendre may be discounted due to your shared membership in the same exclusive group - Akroyd, Down & Powell? Quite the trio infernale, isn't it. ;-)

Joel said...

Where's the smilie when you need one?! ;-)