No SwiMP3 for Mac!

The perspective of having music on an amphibious MP3 player during my swimming routine was just too tempting, so I bought a SwiMP3 on my last trip to NY. They're boasting that it's working with PC or Mac, and well it should, because it is basically just a waterproof USB storage device with bone conduction sound transfer.

But unfortunately, it does not work with Mac OS X 10.3.6 for the time being. Technical support at Finis Inc. claims a OS X bug in USB handling responsible for the problem. So Mac users, do not buy the SwiMP3 just yet!


Anonymous said...

This is a response from Finis to essentially the same question:

"the 10.3 version of MAC OSX does not work with the SwiMP3.You will have to use a system that is not running this operating system."

Pretty disappointing.

Anonymous said...

You got a response from SwiMP3 tech support? What did you do? I use WinXP and mine won't connect to my computer at all and they didn't respond to my emails.