I discovered podcasts! This is as good a portal to the medium as any, I guess. Currently, I am using iPodder, but you don't really need additional software, I think.

So, what is that podcasting thing? Well, I guess it's not so much different from an audioblog, only that the mp3 is usually published via an RSS feed. In principle, you can use any RSS newsreader to get first access to the mp3. What the specific software does for you is check your channels periodically and put the content on iTunes directly so that when you next sync your iPod for the road, the most recent podcasts are cast on your iPod - hence, unsurprisingly, the name!

It's basically a very simple, cheap & effective way of producing and distributing audio content to a specific group of people. To me, it looks like a great way of building a loyal following for creative people who are into music & program production - yep, that'd be you, Tomi!

P.S. Looks really easy to do, too! And here's what the Mother of all Dot Media has to say about it. Businessweek goes one step further, talking about vlogs already! But the final word belongs to the Beeb, of course.

P.P.S. In related news, it seems to be possible to install Linux on an iPod and use it as a high quality digital recorder without any additional gizmos. Check it out here.

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