I forgot to mention in my previous post: I am home again, having returned safely from a short trip to NYC, where they keep overdoing it with their star spangled banners, cf:

As usually, it was fun, even though the second day's walking through the city got to me. But there's a story to it!

I was booked on Swiss flight 19 from Newark to Zürich, leaving on 2205h on Tuesday night to arrive at 1130h on Wednesday. I was expected to speak at a conference in Zurich at 1600h on Wednesday, so I took an upgrade from business to 1st class. Fortunately, I can say now. Because the flight was delayed substantially! It already started in the afternoon when I first received a text message and afterwards a phone call notifying the bad news. Fair enough, so there was a bit more time to kill in NY - not a bad thing, although it still was too early for the shows. It only dawned on me later that it was bad because the arrival lounge in Zürich where I intended to freshen up for the presentation closed at noon - too early for a late arrival! So I created a bit of a ruckus at Newark check in, letting it be known in no uncertain terms that I expected 1st class service. And surprisingly, I got it! Upon arrival in Zürich, I was welcomed by a VIP staffer who whisked me past everybody in one of those shuttle things and escorted me to the 1st class lounge where I could leisurely prepare for the presentation, which went by in a breeze. Good times - thank you, Swiss! The only letdown was the lounge at Newark (a Delta Crown Room), which is distinctly dingy if you compare it to Swiss' 1st class lounge at JFK.

Later that night, the distinct lack of sleep became overpowering and I was soon dead to the world. And if you wonder what the heck the title is about: We're just having a heavy winter thunderstorm with lightning and the full Monty!

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