A canny man

No, this is not about my standard pub recommendation in Edinburgh, which is The Canny Man's in Edinburgh's Morningside, of course. Although reading that review, I very much feel like going back now and verifying, because when I lived there, it certainly wasn't a restaurant, yet and while definitely not being a miners' pub, it didn't feel quite as posh. But maybe that's got to do with living in the neighbourhood.

But I am on a tangent! I wanted to point you to this article about Jay McCullough, who was definitely a canny Edinburgh man, according to this article. Not only did he foresee flat screen TV, bullet trains and emancipation in his book published in 1892 - he actually finished it with these serene words: "The dream of my former existence come true. I am indeed a lucky man to see it. The women working while the men play golf. Splendid."

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