Enter: The notebook

Here is a very considerate column in the WSJ (subscription) about the return of the notebook (paper edition - you know, to leaf through, doodle in, tear out ... that kind of thing) as an unforeseen consequence of the rise of the iPod to the second spot of silicon based personal gadgetry. Am I wrong, or are our toys becoming more humane again? The mobile phone is to communicate with others, and the iPod is to listen to music.

Talking of which: I am just returning from - sorry to admit - my first ever visit to the Basle jazz club the bird's eye. It looks like an amazingly friendly place, despite of its setting in the heavy walls of the former state prison. While it's been the first time I was there, it certainly wasn't the last.


Joel said...

I can't read the article but I can guess it's gist. Despite being a gadgeteer and having used a couple of PDAs over the years, I've reverted back to paper diary and address book - by Moleskine of course. They're just so much easier to use, especially as I no longer need to sync with a complex Outlook calendar.

Retro is the future.

PS Chris - congrats on an anonymous reference in teh latest edition of the UoE Alumni magazine. 'On Saturday 26 June 2004...Members also attended from outside the UK, including New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium and Ireland."

Chris said...

Retro is the future? I am not so sure about that - it may very well be a fad just now. As for humane PDAs: I am still keeping up hopes for the Apple PDA ... ;-)

Hey, thanks for that pointer! It's a pity you guys couldn't make it - it would have been even better fun! The French Alumni Association has posted some of my measly pictures on their site, btw. It's been debated whether the next meeting should be in Paris or some such place, commemorating les relations spéciales, no doubt.