I can barely contain it! This great product has enabled me to do what I didn't expect to achieve any more - I revitalised my ancient Tungsten T by fully synchronising it with the full suite of Apple applications as well as Worldmate and AvantGo! Great!!

Only slightly negative is the fact that I realise now that old Tungsten is old indeed. All these new AvantGo channels and the new version of Agendus eat so much of scarce system resources that the experience isn't as snappy any more as it used to be. I think the current model is the T5 ...

From all this, it's a pretty safe bet that I haven't quite entered the moleskin crowd just yet, although I do lug a leather bound note book around. I am a geek, and proud of it!

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Joel said...

"I do lug a leather bound note book around"

Oh, now the truth comes out!