With hindsight, I just discovered that I haven't updated my esteemed readers on recent acquisitions in the televisionary department, namely this and this. While Philips has done a great job in developing that flat screen TV which has outstanding picture quality, its website performance is terrible, to say the least. But now you know at least why I have fallen behind blogging a little - I am studying manuals!


Joel said...

Have exactly the same setup here (well, maybe a different model of Philips TV). The recorder is fantastic and the ability to copy to DVD is very handy. On the down side, you might have to watch more TV.

I'd be interested to read your reaction to the LCD screen though. I feel that the image is not as smooth as a plasma screen, especially when the Pixel Plus technique is trying to smooth rapid action. Perhaps I'm just used to the CRT and don't recognise the greater quality on the LCD screen. But I'm not convinced.

Chris said...

The downside is very real indeed, even with the LCD! I went to the TV shop fully cognisant of all the horror stories about bad picture quality, particularly in rapid action, and I did indeed see the bad quality, but only in previous generation devices. In my opinion (and that of the vsitors that have seen it already), the new TV's picture quality is absolutely outstanding and definitely better than CRT.