Top secret radio?

First of all, I need to point out that I really like Swiss public radio station DRS 2 (Realaudio player required). I listen to it a lot and I am even a long time member of its Listeners' Club.

However, the little incident I have to report is so pathetic it's almost funny. It happened nearly a month ago already, but relating it to a friend yesterday, I noticed that it's definitely blogworthy.

In the program Musik à la carte I heard something I liked and wanted to find out what exactly it was. Naturally, I checked DRS2's website, but to no avail. An email inquiry resulted in a very friendly and quick response that playlists are not available online, but could be sent to me via physical mail or telefax. So eventually, I ended up getting the playlist in the form of a(n almost illegible) fax message.

But that's not the end of the story! It got me curious as to why on earth those playlists were not available online, as every other radio station in the known world has them. I am not even talking about the wasteful inefficiency of requiring expensive human interaction for this no brainer kind of request. Further prodding produced an incredible answer from Nicolas Flaschi: "Die Musiklisten sind aus Konkurrenzgründen nicht im Internet publiziert." Playlists are not published online for competitive reasons - how incredibly stupid is that!? It seems that our state radio considers its playlists as confidential information! The degree of their disonnection is simply flabbergasting.

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