Despite of generally being a polite person, I like questioning political correctness. Here is an article (German) doing that rather succinctly on the topic of ecologism. Mind you, I don't doubt that mankind will have to find a sustainable way of living with the limited resources of this planet. But this is an issue open to scientific, rational debate (as well as the odd vested interest) and not subject to moralism.

Very refreshing also the Ten Commandments of Ecologism. Errors in translation are entirely mine.
  • Thou shalt be afraid! The most terrible scenario is the most likely. If things went well once, they are all the more likely to turn worse next time.
  • Thy conscience be guilty! Living is bad for the environment.
  • Thou shalt not doubt! The ecological movement never errs. Doubters serve the infidels.
  • Nature is our good Lord! It is composed of pandas, baby seals, sunsets and flowers. Earthquakes, hurricanes & killer viruses are consequences of human hubris.
  • Thou shalt scorn thy kind! Man is the cancer of the earth. Before him, the planet was an idyllic paradise.
  • Thou shalt abhor the freedom of markets! The planet can only be saved by central planning of international bureaucracies.
  • Thou shalt not consume! Whatever you buy, it is bad for the environment. Allocation of goods should be left to the wise priests of ecologism.
  • Thou shalt not believe in a better tomorrow! Prevent change & progress, for things were better yesteryear.
  • Thou shalt disrespect technology! Help can only arise from fundamental societal change, never from inventions of engineers.
  • Ye shall know: guilt is white, male, christian & western! Innocence is a jungle indigen.

    Judge Jonathan said...

    "Thou shalt not believe in a better tomorrow! Prevent change & progress, for things were better yesteryear."

    Interesting. Highlights the point I have been making for a while: that left-wing organizations (such as environmental protection movements, but also major political parties) can be as conservative as right-wing parties in their approach to certain things.

    In terms of Swiss politics (i.e. the only political arena I can actually vote in), there is a divide both within the SP and the FDP between conservative and progressive forces. Let's hope the latter take the upper hand.

    Chris said...

    Oh, there's certainly no monopoly on conservatism in any party! What's more, I find Weber's distinction between structural (bad!) and value (good!) value conservatism very reasonable, and I very much subscribe to the former.

    I am not so sure however whether I support your hope for the SP's progressive faction to take the upper hand - after all, the political opponent's predicament is a good thing, innit? ;-)

    Chris said...

    Argh, scratch the second 'value' ... it's too late!

    Chris said...

    Darn! It is the latter of course that I subscribe to, not the former! It really was late!