Just back from watching a great movie - Ray. Since I know next to nothing about Ray Charles, whose biography is the object of the picture, there's no point in me commenting on the "story". Suffice it to say that the movie aims at giving us the full picture of his personality, not sparing his, let's call them pragmatic traits. Nor his drug habit, his philandering or his general shrewdness.

I need not hold off on more general aspects, though: On phantastic acting (not only by Foxx, but also by Ray's wild women or his young incarnation - what a moving scene when he learns to "see" with his ears!) and an excellent camera. Note the discreet, yet fancy transitions in the style of contemporary design elements. Or the trip when he is going cold turkey. There's no need to talk about the soundtrack, I guess. Its energy reminded me some of a performance of ButtaFat I saw at The Bitter End almost two years ago (thanks, Jay!). I need to get my hands on some of his stuff - urgently!


Judge Jonathan said...

I'm definitely planning to see this one because of Foxx's performance. Just seeing him imitating Ray Charles when he received his Golden Globe was reason enough...

So you're saying the movie itself is Oscar-worthy?

Chris said...

Honestly? No - it's too good! ;-)

That requires explanation: It's too good in a documentary kind of way. You don't get overly emotionally involved (well, I didn't), which is what I think Oscars are given for, but which is not a prerequisite of a good movie IMHO.