24 all over again!

No, it's not what you might think: I am not having a premature second coming of spring or my midlife crisis, thank you very much!

Rather, thanks to Azureus and btefnet, I am up to date with 24, season 4! As always, I cannot wait to see the next episode! It's fun to see old acquaintances pop up again all of a sudden. The PC statement with the two middle eastern gun store owning brothers supporting our heroes was a little blunt, though. Also, some patterns are beginning to be obviously recurring. I am not saying that it's boring - far from it! But I guess a potential season 5 might become tedious.


Judge Jonathan said...

Oh yes! And it's cool that they will be airing an episode a week without breaks.

I have to say though, the last two episodes have been a bit disappointing... the whole EMP bomb thing was just a bit OTT (a lab with an EMP bomb in downtown LA?!), and obviously, the deal with the patriotic gun store Arabs was just ridiculous.

Entil, whose reviews I read religiously after each episode, confirms my points. :) Here's to hoping the next plot arc (involving Air Force One?) will be as exciting as the first 10 episodes of this season!

Joel said...

Hurrah for Bittorrent. I will stand up here and claim to be an early adopter, have downloaded 24 since series one.

The madness at the moment is that here in NZ internet connections are capped at, at most, 10gb a month. I know that's a lot for most people, but not regular copyright infrigers like us.