Castings of sorts

Benjamin has finally come up with his beercasting post - yay for that! But the sound quality is really not that convincing. Well, let's give it a break, after all it was unplanned, and on a MS operated mobile phone ...

As for podcasts, people have been wondering about some resources. Here they are: Podcast Alley is a good directory service. And here's the feeds that I am currently subscribed to: The Dawn & Drew Show, Radio Clash, Science @NASA, Tracks up the Tree, Whole Wheat Radio, In Our Time. I guess you want to just copy/paste them into your RSS reader of choice if it has audio support, or otherwise there is also podcast receiver software. I personally find that a bit cumbersome however, because after a while, you get lots of audio files sitting around, possibly redundantly (ipodder & iTunes) and nobody does the housekeeping (as of yet). That's why I don't go all the podcasting way, I just listen to them on NewsFire.

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