This is neither a misunderestimated Bushism nor is it an anti-disestablishmentarianist pasttime for stupid Prince George. No, we are actually reporting (via NZZ) a most serious internet resource presented to us by the US Department of State. Its purpose is to enable us to deal with misinformation that comes in all shapes & colours.

The only problem with this meritorious effort is that it is in vain for two reasons. 1) Conspiracy theories and other similar misinformation is systematically constructed to include the other side's assertion to the contrary, thus it is not falsifiable (and therefore cannot be taken seriously by critical rationalists such as myself). 2) Since believing in that kind of information is thus a question of creed more than anything else, its refutation hinges on the pre-established credibility of the source. I am afraid I am not jumping the gun when I say that the Bush administration's perceived credibility is not beyond doubt.

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